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Do Sperrys Run Small? What To Know Before Buying 

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No, in fact, Sperry boat shoes tend to run big, specifically in terms of length.

Sperry top-siders are usually roomier in the part of the heel but true to size in the forefoot for average wearers.

If you’re getting a pair of classic Sperry top-siders or boat shoes, there are a few things you need to remember.

First, boat shoes are made to fit and snug. Since these shoes were originally designed for sailors working on slippery decks, shoes that would easily come off can be dangerous. Until today, Sperry boat shoes are meant to have a snugger fit.

Second, similar to shoes from other brands, Sperry shoes also break in over time. This means they eventually stretch and mold to your foot over time the longer you wear them. 

When To Size Down With Sperrys

With these two considerations in mind, it is typically better to consider buying your Sperrys in a slightly smaller size than what you would buy. Since the shoes are meant to be comfortably snug, and the shoes gain more give as time passes, you shouldn’t worry about your Sperrys being too tight.

In particular, it is best to go for half a size down from what you usually wear if you’re getting leather Sperry shoes. Leather stretches out the longer you wear it. Meanwhile, synthetic fibers and materials will generally stay true to the size they were when you bought them.

Men may also need to size down when buying Sperrys. Some buyers say that Sperry footwear appears to run slightly smaller in comparison to brands like Vans or Converse, with some noting that Sperrys in the same size fit more snugly or having to go down half a size to get a nice and snug fit.


Should You Size Up With Sperrys?

If your Sperrys are feeling too tight around the heel, and you chose to get a pair made from synthetic materials, you may want to consider sizing up. Synthetic materials don’t stretch the same way as leather and instead hold their shape. 

Moreover, you can’t count on breaking in your shoes to loosen the tightness around the heel. Take note that breaking in your boat shoes only applies to its width or the size across your foot. It doesn’t affect the length of the shoe.

Some buyers also report that Sperry slides, slippers, and boots tend to run just a bit smaller than their other shoes. As such, you may want to consider sizing up when buying these styles.


When To Stay Your Size

Women can generally go with their actual size when buying Sperry shoes. Unlike men’s shoe sizes, Sperry footwear for women tend to run the same size as other popular brands like Keds, Nike, and Vans.

Socks on or Off?

Another important consideration when choosing your Sperry shoe size is whether or not you will be wearing them with socks. The thickness of the socks you usually wear can also be a factor. If you prefer to wear socks — especially those on the thicker side — it is best to leave a little bit of room. This applies to both no-show or invisible socks and ankle socks. 

Try on Your Shoes for Size

In general, you can get the correct Sperry shoe size if you correctly measure your feet before going out to buy a pair. It also helps to have an idea of Sperry’s shoe size charts and its conversions — such as from U.S. to U.K. or to EU sizes — particularly if you are buying a pair while in another country or online.

More importantly, it is best to try on the shoes as much as possible. Most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other, so make sure to try your Sperrys on that foot to ensure that it’s just as comfortable as the smaller one.



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