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ECCO Shoe Size Chart: What You Need To Know

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ECCO is a Danish footwear brand that has been producing high-quality shoes since 1963, combining innovative design, premium materials, and exceptional comfort to create shoes. In this article, we'll briefly introduce you to the ECCO shoe size chart and explain why it's essential to find the right size. Whether you're purchasing shoes online or in-store, understanding ECCO's sizing system can help you get the perfect fit and avoid the frustration of ill-fitting shoes.

ECCO Shoe Size Chart Reference

To ensure that you order the correct size, it's best to measure your feet first and then use the ECCO size chart to find the appropriate size. Both US and EU sizes are included for men's shoes, so you can easily compare your measurements and find the perfect fit. By taking the time to measure your feet, you'll be able to enjoy the full comfort and support of your new ECCO shoes.


How To Determine Your Shoe Size

Before you purchase a pair of ECCO shoes, it's important to know your shoe size. ECCO sizes can be different from other brands, so it's important to measure your feet to ensure the right fit. Here's how you can determine your shoe size for ECCO shoes:

  1. Stand on a piece of paper and trace the outline of your foot with a pen, keeping the pen vertical and close to your foot.
  2. Measure the length from the tip of your longest toe to the back of your heel with a ruler. Make sure to measure both feet as one foot may be slightly larger than the other.
  3. Refer to the ECCO shoe size chart to find your size. Keep in mind that ECCO sizes can be slightly different from other brands, so always use their size chart for accurate measurements.

ECCO offers a range of sizes for men, women, and kids, with half sizes and different width options available as well. It's important to choose the right size for your foot to ensure maximum comfort and support. If you're in between sizes, it's recommended to go for the larger size to avoid discomfort and potential injury.



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Need Help Purchasing ECCO Shoes?

As a company that cares about your comfort, we at Van Dyke & Bacon are here to guide you every step of the way in finding the perfect fit with a pair of ECCO shoes. Our team is dedicated to making sure you feel confident and comfortable in your choice of shoes. So don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime – we're eager to help you step into the comfort and support you deserve.

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