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Best Shoes for Mortons Neuroma

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Best Shoes For Morton's Neuroma

The modern lifestyle entails various harmful habits that result in health problems later in life. One of these issues is Morton’s Neuroma, the swelling of nerves in the balls of our feet.

This is usually caused by prolonged use of ill-fitting footwear, like high heels. That’s why women are 8-10 times more likely to develop the condition. Thankfully, managing the symptoms of this disease is relatively easy. Sometimes, it’s all about using the right kind of shoes.

We’ve compiled a list of the best shoes to wear if you have Morton’s Neuroma. Keep reading to learn more!


Choosing the Right Shoe For Mortons Neuroma

 If you're suffering from Mortons neuroma, you should prioritize wide-fitting shoes. This means that the best shoes for the condition will have a larger than normal toe box. This helps prevent pressure and the compressing of bones in the forefront of the foot. 

As you would guess, this means that the best shoes for Mortons Neuroma are usually sneakers, specifically New Balance. 

The Best Shoes to Wear if You Have Morton’s Neuroma

Here are our top footwear recommendations for people diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma:


New Balance 680v6 Uniform

680v6 Uniform

New Balance 680v6 is a pair of running shoes designed with the utmost comfort in mind. It has impact-absorbing ABZORB technology that minimizes force against the balls of the feet in every stride. It also has a wide toe box and a negligible 10 mm drop. In addition, each shoe is equipped with a molded sock liner that envelopes the foot for extra comfort.


New Balance Fresh Foam 860 v12

Fresh Foam X 860v12

New Balance Fresh Foam 860 v12 is another pair of running shoes from the established sports shoemaker. This shoe features a Fresh Foam midsole, which provides stability and comfort however long you’re wearing the shoes. With a low 10 mm drop, you’ll also have a solid arch that removes pressure on the balls of your feet.


New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 880 v11


This version of the 860 v11 is designed specifically for women’s feet. The sole is smaller, but the Fresh Foam feature is still present. Combined with the layered midsole, the Fresh Foam adds an extra level of comfort. So even with prolonged wear, the pain from your Morton’s Neuroma won’t flare as much.


New Balance 1540 v3

The New Balance 1540 v3 also comes in men’s and women’s versions. While it's specifically designed for running thanks to the ENCAP and Rollbar midsole technology, the 1540 v3 is still a great pair for people with Morton’s Neuroma. These shoes have a wide toe box, ultra-comfortable soles, and overpronation prevention that stabilizes your foot in each stride.


What Is Morton’s Neuroma?

The tightness and awkward angles in ill-fitting shoes result in the metatarsal bones overloading each other. These bones are located near the joints that connect the toes to the feet. Because of this repeated pressure, the tissues surrounding the nerves start to swell, resulting in the pain or numbness associated with the disease.


Identifying Morton’s Neuroma

Unfortunately, there are no outward signs or indications of Morton’s Neuroma. Even though it involves swelling of the nerves, these are located deep enough in the feet to not show any visible bumps.

However, there are ways to determine if you have it. If you start experiencing the following symptoms, visit your doctor to get checked and receive a diagnosis:

  • Burning pain that starts at the balls of your feet and radiates toward the toes.
  • Feeling as though there’s a pebble stuck when wearing your shoes, especially between the third and fourth toes.
  • Numbness or tingling sensations starting from the balls of the foot.


Alleviating the Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma

This disease doesn’t go away on its own. The symptoms will come and go, but the swelling will remain unless it’s treated with surgery or other types of medical intervention. Thankfully, the pain and other symptoms can be easily managed.

For example, anesthetic and corticosteroid medication injected can temporarily relieve you of the pain. You can also wear orthopedic pads and shoe inserts to help fix your toe’s alignment. Finally, shoes with wide toe boxes, excellent cushioning, and low or zero drops all help alleviate the symptoms of the disease.


Final Thoughts 

Morton’s Neuroma doesn’t have to be something you’ll endure every time you step into your shoes. Plenty of footwear from brands like New Balance and Nike have features that alleviate the condition’s symptoms. So if you’re looking for shoes that you can wear for longer periods while you have Morton’s Neuroma, start with our recommendations above.


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