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Best New Balance Walking Shoes for Women

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When it comes to finding the ideal walking shoe, New Balance offers some of the top options for women seeking comfort, support, and performance. With innovative cushioning technologies and designs tailored to different foot needs, these three New Balance models stand out as some of the best walking shoes for women.

FuelCell Walker Elite

The FuelCell Walker Elite is New Balance's premium walking shoe engineered to deliver an exceptionally responsive and cushioned ride. The midsole features the brand's revolutionary FuelCell foam which is lightweight yet provides superior impact protection and energy return. This propulsive cushioning helps energize your stride and reduce fatigue on longer walks.

The engineered knit upper hugs the foot with a stretchy, sock-like fit while allowing ample breathability. Strategic zones of support are knitted in to provide structure without restricting flexibility. Underfoot, durable rubber traction pods create grip on multiple surfaces making this shoe versatile for city streets or trails.

For women seeking a luxurious, high-performance walking shoe that blends plush comfort with energetic responsiveness, the FuelCell Walker Elite shines as the ideal choice.


When overpronation control is needed, the 847v4 serves as one of New Balance's top stability walking shoes for women. Built on the roomy SL-2 last, it accommodates a variety of foot shapes in comfort. A medial post combined with dual-density posting helps prevent the foot from rolling inwards excessively - a common cause of knee pain and injuries.

Despite its robust motion control features, the 847v4 doesn't compromise on cushioning. The premium footbed and midsole provide ample shock absorption to make this a great option for women who spend a lot of time on their feet. The durable rubber outsole offers dependable traction as well.

Women who need a walking shoe that provides high-quality pronation support, roominess and cushioned comfort will appreciate the exceptional fit and performance of the 847v4.

Fresh Foam More v3

When it comes to overpronation control in a walking shoe, the Fresh Foam More v3 takes it to the next level with maximum medial stability features. New Balance utilizes a triple-density medial post that extends from the midsole all the way up into the footbed to powerfully resist inward rolling of the foot.

But the More v3 doesn't sacrifice plush comfort for all that support. The full-length Fresh Foam midsole provides new levels of luxurious, adaptive cushioning that molds to the shape and movement of each individual's feet. An engineered mesh upper with supportive saddle creates a secure, locked-in fit.

For women dealing with severe overpronation who don't want to compromise on cushioned comfort, the Fresh Foam More v3 makes for an exceptional walking shoe. It delivers premium stability AND cushioning, empowering you to walk miles in comfort.

Importance of Proper Walking Shoes

Having the right walking shoes suited for your individual gait and foot type is crucial for comfort, injury prevention, and getting the most value from your footwear. Ill-fitting shoes or ones that lack the appropriate cushioning and support can lead to foot pain, knee issues, overpronation problems and overuse injuries over time.

Walking shoes engineered with premium cushioning materials help absorb repetitive impact and reduce the stress on joints. Stability and motion control features keep the feet properly aligned to avoid excessive inward rolling that can pull the knees out of alignment. Proper arch support and a comfortable, secure fit allow you to walk miles in comfort.

Walking is an excellent low-impact exercise, but wearing the wrong shoes can diminish the experience and potential health benefits. Investing in quality walking shoes tailored to your biomechanics protects your body and allows you to focus on performance.

Choosing the Right Fit

To get the most out of your New Balance walking shoes, it's essential to get the right fit. Properly fitted shoes enhance comfort, support, and longevity of the footwear. Here are some tips:

Find Your Fit

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