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Finding the Best New Balance Shoes for Flat Feet

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Having flat feet can make finding supportive, comfortable shoes a challenge. The lack of an arched instep means your feet roll inward, placing strain on the ankles, knees, and hips. Shoes with the right features are critical to providing the stability and cushioning flat feet needed. New Balance is one of the top athletic shoe brands known for their excellent motion control, cushioning, and support technologies that can provide relief and protection for flat feet. Three of their premier stability models that receive high praise for accommodating flat feet and overpronation are the New Balance 1540v3, 860v11, and 990v5.

What to Look for in New Balance Shoes for Flat Feet

The ideal shoes for flat feet have these characteristics: 

  • Stability and arch support - Shoes should have a firm midsole, stabilizing features, and good arch reinforcement to prevent excess inward rolling.
  • Cushioning - Absorbing shock is important to reduce pain and fatigue. Cushioned midsoles and insoles provide comfort.
  • Motion control - Systems like Rollbar, T-Beam, or plastic shanks guide the foot's motion properly.
  • Correct fit - Getting fitted properly ensures the shoes match your feet' nuances. Wide and extra wide sizes are available.
  • Breathability - Mesh uppers, linings, and insoles keep feet cool and dry.
  • Durable materials - Quality leathers, synthetics, durable foams, and high-traction outsoles hold up to repeated wear.
  • Lightweight - Reducing shoe weight helps prevent foot fatigue over long wear periods.

New Balance 1540v3

The New Balance 1540v3 is consistently ranked as one of the best options for flat feet needing maximum stability. This motion control running and walking shoe is packed with advanced support technologies:

  • Rollbar technology uses a midfoot post to keep the foot centered and aligned properly through each step. This prevents inward rolling common with flat feet.
  • Encap PU ring wraps the lateral midfoot for enhanced arch support and a custom-feeling fit.
  • Dual-density midsole has a firm, supportive rim on the medial side to cup the arch. The softer foam provides neutral cushioning.
  • Extended medial support stretches from midfoot to heel for consistent stability and pronation control.
  • Abzorb and foam cushioning absorb impact smoothly across the miles.

The 1540v3 earns consistent praise from wearers with flat feet and overpronation for the immediate stability and arch support it provides. They report significantly less foot fatigue and pain in the knees, hips and back with long term use. It's an excellent choice as an everyday walker or work shoe for flat feet.

New Balance 860v11

As a lightweight stability running shoe, the New Balance 860v11 offers excellent motion control technology for flat feet in a flexible, breathable package. Updates in the latest version make it more comfortable and responsive:

  • Dual-density medial post and T-beam technology provide firm midfoot support right where flat feet need it most. This guides the foot through a neutral stride.
  • ACTEVA and Abzorb foams supply soft cushioning and bounce while absorbing shock during impact.
  • Engineered mesh upper and sockliner are breathable and help prevent heat and moisture build-up.
  • Added cushioning and smoother transitions from heel to toe make this version more comfortable for longer runs.

The stability features allow moderate overpronators and flat feet to run comfortably without pain or excessive inward foot rolling. Reviewers say it's supportive without being too rigid or heavy. The 860v11 performs well as both a daily trainer or race day shoe for flat feet.

New Balance 990v5

With its classic look, the 990v5 remains a wildly popular everyday shoe for flat feet. It delivers the right blend of cushioning, support and durability expected from the long-lived 990 series.

  • The 990v5's medial post, dual-density midsole and extended TPU shank provide top-notch stability and arch support. This helps significantly with overpronation caused by flat feet.
  • Abzorb and EVA foams supply responsive, long-lasting cushioning and shock absorption. The fresh foam is also softer than previous versions for more flexibility.
  • Mesh uppers, padded tongues and plush collars make for a secure, comfortable fit. The roomy toe box allows natural toe splay.
  • High quality leather and mesh materials are very durable, yet still breathable for all-day wear.
  • Ndurance rubber outsoles offer excellent traction and longevity, even after hundreds of miles.

xWhile a bit heavier than performance trainers, wearers love the premium feel, cushioning and security the 990v5 provides their flat feet all day long, whether at work or play. The stability keeps feet, ankles and knees properly aligned.

Finding Your Best New Balance Shoe for Flat Feet

New Balance is clearly one of the top athletic shoe brands to consider when shopping for flat feet footwear. Their focus on stabilizing technologies, advanced midsole foams and quality materials checks all the boxes for the features needed to support flat arches and overpronation. The 1540v3, 860v11 and 990v5 models are excellent choices that accommodate flat feet wonderfully while providing versatile cushioning and comfort. Visiting a specialty shoe store for a proper gait analysis and fitting is recommended to find your personal best New Balance shoe for flat feet.

If you have flat feet and are looking for the proper arch support, stability, and cushioning to keep you comfortable, browse our selection of the top-rated New Balance shoes optimized for overpronation and flat arches.

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