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A Guide To The Best New Balance Running Shoes

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Running is an excellent form of cardio exercise that can help improve health and fitness. However, without proper running shoes suited for your needs, running can lead to foot pain, knee issues and other injuries. New Balance is one of the top athletic shoe brands known for their innovative technology and range of high-performance running shoes. In this article, we’ll highlight the New Balance 1080v12, 860v13, and More v4 running shoes and explain why these are some of the best options for different types of runners. We’ll also discuss the importance of choosing shoes tailored for your biomechanics.


The 1080v12 is one of New Balance’s most popular neutral cushioned shoes. This versatile trainer provides soft support for a wide range of runners. The 1080v12 uses Fresh Foam X midsole foam that offers plush cushioning while still maintaining responsiveness. This helps provide both comfort and energy return mile after mile.

The updated engineered mesh upper on the 1080v12 creates a breathable, sock-like fit. The newly added hyperknit helps provide structure and support around the midfoot. The 1080v12 also features an updated outsole design with blown rubber under the heel and forefoot for excellent traction and durability.

With its soft cushioning and smooth transition, the 1080v12 works great as a daily trainer for runners who need more shock absorption. It’s the type of shoe that can go the distance, mile after mile.

Fresh Foam 860v13


For runners who need stability and support, the 860v13 is an excellent choice. This shoe uses a dual-density medial post along the inner midsole to gently control pronation. The midsole also incorporates FuelCell foam for soft, responsive cushioning through the entire gait cycle.

The engineered mesh upper uses no-sew materials for a comfortable, seamless fit. Reflective details help keep runners visible on early morning or evening runs. The asymmetric heel counter delivers a locked-in fit. In the outsole, NDurance rubber provides long-lasting wear in high impact areas.

With its blend of support, cushioning and responsiveness, the 860v13 works well for runners who need pronation control in their daily training shoes. It can handle both short speedwork and longer miles at easy paces.

Fresh Foam More v4


Runners with severe overpronation may benefit most from New Balance’s stability shoe built for maximum support. The Fresh Foam More v4 uses a triple-density medial post to prevent excess rolling of the foot. This post extends from the midsole to the insole, creating a smooth transition.

Despite the substantial stability features, the More v4 remains highly cushioned thanks to the Fresh Foam midsole. The full-length layer provides soft comfort that adapts to the runner's gait and foot shape. The engineered mesh upper includes strategic support bands that integrate with the lacing system to better lock down the midfoot.

With its focus on pronation control, the More v4 works best for runners who really need that extra stability in their daily trainer. It’s built to go the distance for runners whose overpronation puts them at risk of injury.

Why Proper Running Shoes Matter


Running shoes are designed to meet the biomechanical needs of runners for different foot types and running styles. Wearing the right shoe for your gait and foot shape allows for better performance. The correct midsole cushioning and stabilization features help you run efficiently without wasting energy compensating for imbalance. The proper heel-to-toe drop and shape also enable a smooth transition through each stride. Simply put, the right running shoes for your feet will allow you to run your best.

Injury Prevention

Running causes a lot of repetitive impact on the feet, ankles, knees and hips. Having shoes that lack the proper support or cushioning for your stride can lead to injury over time as the muscles and joints experience strain. Cushioning in running shoes absorbs shock and reduces the force exerted on the body. Stability features provide support and guidance to avoid overpronation that can pull the knees out of alignment. The proper level of flexibility in the forefoot also reduces strain. Wearing running shoes tailored for your gait helps align the legs and prevent the imbalances that commonly lead to overuse injuries.


When shoes don't fit your foot anatomy properly, you'll likely experience discomfort quickly when running. The wrong size or shape can cause rubbing and blisters. Insufficient cushioning in the midsole also leads to foot, heel and joint pain. Running shoes customized for your foot type allow you to log miles in comfort so you can focus on performance. Trying on shoes and selecting the right fit for your feet will make running much more enjoyable.


Getting the most miles out of your running shoes makes them a better value over time. The right amount of support keeps the shoes performing their best for longer. Cushioning that matches your needs provides protection against midsole breakdown. A properly fitted shoe causes less friction and wear on the upper material, increasing longevity. The best way to get your money's worth is by choosing shoes tailored to your biomechanics.

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