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A Guide To The Best Kids Running Shoes

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For those seeking comfort, support and performance in kids running shoes, New Balance offers some top-rated options built for developing feet. Whether for casual runs or competitive track, having the right pair provides crucial reinforcement and responsiveness to keep young athletes striding comfortably. In this guide, we’ll explore three premier New Balance kids running shoes lauded for their cushioning, stability and style.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12

When it comes to running, going the extra mile isn’t just a figure of speech. Whether it’s morning exercise, intense training, or head-clearing relaxation, a daily regimen of training miles, combined with ordinary movement throughout the day, demands a lot from a running shoe. With running comfortably for longer in mind, the 880 was built to provide consistent performance for the neutral runner.

The Fresh Foam X 880v12 is a modernization that can be seen and felt. A soft foam compound, and dual-layer midsole setup is featured alongside a sleek, jacquard mesh upper featuring strategic zones of support and breathability. This kids' version brings all the 880v12 has to offer in a size range perfect for growing feet.

New Balance 880v11


The 880v11 is a proven workhouse running shoe for kids that exceeds comfort expectations. The engineered double jacquard mesh allows for an intuitive, soft fit that doesn't restrict the runner while the midsole utilizes a super soft Fresh Foam to provide a plush underfoot ride for small feet. Along with the reflective details and premium design, these kids' kicks look as good as they feel.

New Balance Rave Run

Our Rave Run kids’ running shoe combines comfort and durability with slick style to satisfy both parents and kids. They’re designed for all-day play with a breathable and lightweight mesh upper and IMEVA midsole cushioning for all-around comfort. A no-sew tip and saddle provide durability and midfoot support while the hook-and-loop closure makes getting ready a breeze.

Why New Balance for Kids Running Shoes?

When selecting the ideal running shoes for kids, New Balance offers unparalleled quality, fit and performance. Key advantages include:

  • Innovative cushioning like Fresh Foam delivers plush, responsive rides.
  • Athletic silhouettes appeal to kids' styles while bright color options add flair.
  • Durable materials withstand playground play along with running.
  • Breathable mesh uppers maintain ventilation and comfort.
  • Hook-and-loop closures provide security with easy on/off.
  • Sizes accommodate growing feet with a secure, supported feel.

Importance of Correct Running Shoes For Kids

Selecting the proper running shoes is crucial for children, as their feet require reinforcement and responsiveness to develop correctly as young athletes. It's essential to consider factors like arch support, cushioning, stability and fit to prevent injury and discomfort. Children tend to overpronate, or roll their feet inward, putting strain on muscles and joints. Shoes with adequate arch support provide structure, preventing foot misalignment. Cushioning in the midsole absorbs impact, reducing shock. Stability features help control excess motion that can lead to rolled ankles or plantar fasciitis. Ensuring a secure heel counter and roomy toe box prevents slippage and irritation. Prioritizing these elements allows kids to log miles comfortably, building endurance and confidence on the track or playground. Investing in the right pair provides kids with the tools they need to excel.

Find The Right Fit Today

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