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Can’t make it out to us?  We’ll bring fit, fashion, and comfort to you!  Call 410-433-1100 for details.


Pedorthics (peh-DOR-thiks) is the management and treatment of conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower extremities requiring fitting, fabrication, and adjusting of pedorthic devices. Through pedorthics, shoes and foot orthoses can become therapeutic tools addressing a variety of common or complex foot problems in a conservative way.

Prescription Footwear

Van Dyke & Bacon specializes in fitting prescription shoes for people with special conditions of the feet. We can help with your heel pain, pes planus (flat feet), high arches, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, calluses, hammertoes, bunions, morton’s neuroma, diabetes, arthritis, sports injuries, and other medical issues.

Foot Health Conditions

Having feet that are comfortable and well-cared for makes everyday life more pleasant. Keeping our feet healthy with make our life better. We only have one set of feet. Let’s take care of them!

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