Meet the Team

Meet the Team

VDBIMGP2002webWelcome to Van Dyke & Bacon. Van Dyke & Bacon is a local family-owned and operated shoe business. We are a full service retail shoe store offering men’s, women’s, and children’s comfort shoes. We feature manufacturers from around the world. Within our manufacturers, we select the best of the best shoes focusing on fit, support, fashion, and comfort.   Our Shoe Pros specialize in measuring and evaluating your feet suggesting footwear which will best fit your feet always keeping fashion in mind. If adjustments to your shoes are ne
eded such as additional cushioning or support, we are skilled at “tweaking” shoes in our workshop in order to get that “perfect” fit. Our Shoe Pros are passionate about helping you find the right style, look, feel, and fit.

Over the years, we have developed a proud tradition of true customer service. All of our Shoe Pros are trained in measuring feet, fitting shoes, and adjusting shoes. Our staff is well seasoned in both the art and science of fitting shoes. The science of shoe fitting is influenced by foot type and shape, anatomy, gait, posture, size, width, and shoe design. The art of fitting shoes takes into account the subjective evaluation of the foot, recommendation of the shoe solution, and necessary adjustments to meet the needs for additional support, cushioning, or relief.

The extensive knowledge and experience of our shoe fitting experts provides our customers with an exceptional shopping experience.

Van Dyke & Bacon Shoes offers something unique! Our commitment to excellence continues. Today, we are 45 employees strong, changing the quality of peoples’ lives through our comfortable products, our passion to help, and a dedication to a better tomorrow!

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